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NYC Health + Hospitals


Queens, NY • Civil Engineering

Our Role

  • NYCDOT Coordination
  • Revocable Consent
  • Transformer Vaults
  • Construction Drawings
  • Construction Administration
  • Accessible Entrance Study
  • Site Survey Coordination

Koysman Engineering (Koysman) provided civil engineering design services for the entryway improvement project at NYC H+H Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, NY. The project consisted of the renovation of two existing entryways at Elmhurst Hospital to meet current and forecasted patient access flow, and to improve aesthetics. The existing entryways consisted of brick and concrete vestibules, which were upgraded to accessible glass vestibules with an ample supply of natural light.

Koysman developed a set of construction drawings for the redevelopment of the entryways, consisting of a site plan, demolition plan, grading plan, details, and contract notes. The project involved careful coordination between adjacent existing conditions to remain, and the proposed elements. The work took place in close cooperation with all other disciplines in the design team. Part of the proposed work involved elements outside of the property line, such as bollard replacement and proposed elements in the vicinity of existing Con Edison transformer vaults. For these design elements, Koysman provided NYCDOT coordination services through the proper channels. Additionally, Koysman provided construction administration services to streamline the construction process.

Koysman also developed an accessible entrance study, focusing on the creation of a layout that would allow accessible entry into the facility, despite the challenging nature of the existing conditions surrounding the proposed work.

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