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3rd Street

Brooklyn, NY • Civil Engineering

Our Role

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
  • SWPPP Development and Approval
  • Stormwater Management System Design
  • Green Infrastructure Design
  • Permit Issuance
  • SWPPP Compliance Inspections
  • NYCDEP Hydraulic Study

Koysman Engineering (Koysman) provided civil engineering and inspection services for the development of a new 14-story mixed use building located at 125 3rd Street in Brooklyn, NY.

Koysman developed a full-depth SWPPP in compliance with the latest NYCDEP rules and regulations, which include a vast array of requirements for pollution prevention during construction, and the implementation of post-construction stormwater management practices. These include the use of modern and innovative green infrastructure methods for stormwater management, such as green roofs and rain gardens. Koysman ensured an expedited review and approval of the proposed SWPPP in order to prevent any delays in the construction and permitting of the project. Additionally, Koysman provided SWPPP inspection services throughout the duration of construction, to ensure SWPPP requirements were being met on-site.

As part of the recent rezoning of the Gowanus Special Purpose District, the Koysman team was tasked with developing a hydraulic study, in accordance with NYCDEP regulations, to verify the existing downstream combined sewer had sufficient capacity to accept all proposed flows from the project. The hydraulic study consisted of hydraulic computations, plans, profiles, and additional supporting documentation.

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